Teacher Knocked Out While Trying To Break Up Crazy Girl Fight

Photo: YouTube

Glad to see our future is well on its way to saving this society.

So remember last year when we showed all you folks a student who knocked out another student for laying his hands on a teacher? Well, that was quite a sight. Well let me just say that in this video things don’t really turn out the same, as this time around it’s the teacher getting knocked out while trying to stop a fight.

The incident kicked off at Cheltenham High School in Philadelphia and began when two girls starting throwing punches at each other and of course pull each other’s hair. And that’s the moment two more girls jump in and all hell breaks lose. It gets so crazy that one person can be heard yelling, “Oh, shit! Her wig came off!” Incredible commentary.

Several idiots are filming this fight, and when one poor teacher tries to stop it she gets knocked out by an elbow meant for someone else. Check out the crazy fight below, and look out for the teacher getting knocked out towards the end.

That teacher right there suffered a concussion. Brutal.

All in all eight, yes eight teachers were injured trying to break up this dumb brawl filled with a bunch of gals — gals who are now facing multiple criminal charges.

Police went ahead and arrested the four students who kicked things off on a bunch of charges, including assault and reckless endangerment. While three of the girls were charged as juveniles, 18-year-old Amber Lewis was charged as an adult. And because of that Lewis is currently locked up in the Montgomery County jail in lieu of $10,000 bond.

So congrats, ladies. You’ve done your folks proud.

h/t The Smoking Gun

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