Amazing ‘Finger Drummer’ Takes Air Instruments To The Next Level

Photo: YouTube

I had no idea that finger drumming was a thing, so when I watched the following video, I was both intrigued and amazed. To be a great finger drummer, you have to have rhythm. You also need to be fine with numb fingers, I’d imagine. I mean, that has to be an annoying pain, right? It’s like he’s beatboxing with his hands. This dude is probably really good at packing a can of dip. And I haven’t done the research, but I can only assume he also holds the record for world’s fastest masturbator. His junk is probably more calloused than a dock worker’s heel. I kinda want to take finger drumming lessons to annoy the hell out of people on planes… or anywhere, for that matter.

But in reality, I’m just giving Devo Alexander a hard time. I’m actually very impressed with his skills. Check him out in action for yourself.

Amazing “Finger Drummer” Rocks Out

I don’t know how he figured out he had this ability, but thanks to YouTube, he can share his many talents with the world!

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