‘The Tick’ Gets a New Comic Book Series This Summer

For over 30 years, Ben Edlund’s The Tick has proven to be one of the most resilient superhero parodies in the comic book industry, with an acclaimed animated series, a live-action series, and even a new series on Amazon coming this summer. And while Edlund’s focus is largely on television and the new Tick TV series, New England Comics has lined up a killer creative team to bring the Tick back to the medium.

X-Men Blue and Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe writer Cullen Bunn is teaming up with Jimmy Z. Johnston to co-write The Tick, a new ongoing series about everyone’s favorite “nigh-invulnerable” superhero and his sidekick, Arthur. Arsenic Lullaby artist Douglas Paszkiewicz will provide the artwork and covers for the series. NE Comics has released the first cover image, which you can see below. It almost makes us want to yell “Spoooon!”

The Tick 1 cover

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Here’s the official description from NEC Comics:

“Amazon is bringing The Tick back to TV this summer! And NEC is bringing The Tick back to comics in August with an all-new continuing color series! The Tick and Arthur confront the dire menaces of ninjas and murder clowns, while also flashing back to blasts from The Tick’s here-to-for unexplored past! Join us for fun as Bunn imprints The Tick with his own creative style of story-telling!”

The Tick # 1 will be released this August in comic book stores everywhere. The live-action adaptation will also premiere in August on Amazon.

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Photo Credit: NE Comics