Exclusive Preview | History’s ‘Superheroes Decoded’ Part 1

Superheroes may reign at the box office, but their true home will always be comic books. This weekend, History is unveiling the first part of its new documentary, Superheroes Decoded; which will offer an in-depth look at the creation of several iconic characters. These are the stories of the very first superhero comic book creators as told by comic book historians, fans, writers, directors, artists, and the surviving creators from that era.

As noted by History, superheroes are a very unique version of American mythology that have transcended the printed medium and become icons all around the world. One of the biggest superheroes is Batman, the famed Caped Crusader and Dark Knight whose exploits in film, television, comics, and video games continue to capture the imagination of fans. But even Batman owes his existence to another famous hero.

In CraveOnline’s exclusive clip from Superheroes Decoded Part 1, former DC publisher Paul Levitz and Super Boys author Brad Ricca speak about the way that a rush to copy Superman’s success led to Batman’s creation. Glen Weldon (The Caped Crusade) also touches on Batman’s creators: Bill Finger and Bob Kane, while pointing out that Finger is personally responsible for almost all of the details that made Batman into the hero that he is today.

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Here’s the description for Superheroes Decoded Part 1:

“Part one explores the making of the iconic American superhero. From the creation of Superman, Batman, Captain America, Wonder Woman, Spider-Man, and beyond, these all-American legends have endured through decades of war, triumph and scandal, constantly evolving to reflect the country’s changing values in a tumultuous world. From World War II and Vietnam to Watergate and the tragedy of 9/11, these mythic heroes embody America’s deepest fears and greatest aspirations.”

Superheroes Decoded Part 1 will premiere on History this Sunday, April 30 at 9pm. The second part will be released on Monday, May 1 on History at 9pm.

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Photo Credit: History