Massive Rugby A-Hole Knocks Out Referee After Getting A Yellow Card

Photo: Twitter

Am I a fan of rugby? No. Do I know the rules? No. Do I know a huge asshole and piece of garbage and a useless human when I see one? Absolutely. And the rugby player in this video is exactly that.

We’ve seen athletes attack refs before — like that pissed off Russian hockey player who attacked a ref with a hockey stick, or like that junior college football player who was arrested after punching a referee.  And now we have yet another incident involving an on-field referee attack. And this time it happened in a rugby match.

The French Saint-Esteve player, who has not been identified, flew into a rage after referee Benjamin Casty handed him a yellow flag. And what did this a-hole of a player do? Check out the video below.

Two things to make a note of: 1) Kudos to the other team for defending the ref. And 2) Kudos to that a-hole’s teammates for not defending him. Which speaks volumes. And not shocking at all, but this player has already been suspended for four matches this season for reckless behavior, according to St-Esteve president Christian Cozza.

Here’s what Marc Palanques, the president of the French Federation had to say:

“I hope that the National Disciplinary Commission, which will meet on Wednesday, will be uncompromising.”

Here’s hoping he gets a lifetime ban and some time behind bars.

The ref suffered severe cheek and jawbone injuries.

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