Not The Sexiest Way To Tow Your Boat

They just don’t like to do things the easy way in Florida.

Kenneth Keegan was cruising along a highway near Hudson, Florida Sunday afternoon when he came upon a Jeep towing a boat. Of course, if it would have been on a regular trailer with wheels and a hitch and what not, we wouldn’t be posting a video for you to check out.

But when it’s being dragged along the ground while sticking up in the air? Well, that’s something we should all take a peek at.

Not The Sexiest Way To Tow Your Boat

Yeah, best of luck to the owner of that boat, as we hope for his sake that thing arrived in one piece when he reached his destination, if it even arrived at all.

In a related story, this Keegan fellow seems to be a good dude, and he’s hoping that his video goes viral so he can raise some cash for a friend who needs a heart transplant. If that sounds like something you’re up for, head on over to Keegan’s Facebook page and throw him a couple of bucks.

h/t UPI

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