Dynamite Announces ‘Undisputed Street Fighter’ Art Book

Last year, Dynamite Entertainment kicked off its new video game inspired art book series with the lavish hardcover, The Art of Atari. This year, Dynamite is taking aim at one of the greatest fighting game franchises ever created: Capcom’s Street Fighter!

Dynamite has announced that it will publish Undisputed Street Fighter: The Art and Innovation Behind the Game-Changing Series, a new art book by writer Steve Hendershot and editor Tim Lapetino. The book is expected to be released in October of this year, and it will feature exclusive interviews with the men and women behind the Street Fighter franchise, as well as the iconic artwork, designs, and images that went into making the games.

“The Street Fighter universe is both iconic and vibrant, and I’m thrilled to be telling the story of how its games, characters, and community came to life, rewriting the rules of gaming in the process,” said Hendershot. Lapetino added that “Creating Art of Atari was a great experience in connecting with video game fans across the world. The book’s popularity showed us the hunger fans have for deep dives into their favorite classic games beyond just nostalgia. We want to tell the stories behind the games. Art of Atari was the launchpad for this series, and we’re excited to dig deeper into the creativity, design, and stories that power the beloved Street Fighter franchise this time.”

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Dynamite has also released a few preview pages from Undisputed Street Fighter, which offer a small glimpse of what fans can find in the book this fall.

Undisbuted Street Fighter sample page 1 Undisbuted Street Fighter sample page 2 Undisbuted Street Fighter sample page 3 Undisbuted Street Fighter sample page 4 Undisbuted Street Fighter sample page 5 Undisbuted Street Fighter cover

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Photo Credits: Dynamite Entertainment