7 Things Canadians Do NOT Say

We may have our own vernacular when it comes to certain terms and phrases, but people from other countries (ahem, south of the border mostly) often exaggerate some of the things that we say. OK, we do use the word “eh” a lot… guilty as charged. But here are 7 things Canadian do not say…


OK, so when we say “about” we do say it differently. However, we don’t draw out our “abouts” so that it sounds like we’re talking about winter footwear (“a boot”). It’s ab-owt. Not aboot.

Can I have a Budweiser?

Yeah, this bar order would certainly turn a few Toque-covered heads. There are many other homegrown options before we’d resort to this watered down-version of beer (cheeky winky to our American friends… we’re just kidding… kinda…).

It’s too cold to go out.

If Canadians said this, they’d be stuck indoors for months on end. The cold doesn’t stop us from doing much. If it did, we wouldn’t be Canadian. It’s that simple.

Let’s skip the hockey game tonight.

Um, WHAT?! Potentially chargeable in a court of law, Canadians are hockey addicts, and nothing will keep them from their sport. Recent studies have shown that Canadians like their hockey almost ten times more than their American neighbours.

That’s too much maple syrup.

Quebec produces 75% of the world’s maple syrup – which is why it should come as no surprise that we not only put that sh*t on everything but we also have month-long celebrations of the coveted sweet concoction (known as sugaring off in Quebec).


Canadians are notoriously polite, and it’s not often we have to demand an apology from a fellow Canuck. Sorry, but it’s true.

Let’s get a Duncan Donuts coffee.

No, no, no… everyone’s got the brown Tim Hortons’ cup, and if not, they should have one that says Second Cup. We’re pretty loyal to our local coffees.

Photo: SCTV