Watch Molly Meldrum Crash Samuel Johnson’s Gold Logie Win

Samuel Johnson claimed the Gold Logie at last night’s 59th Annual Logie Awards for his portrayal of Aussie music legend Molly Meldrum, but his big win was hijacked by none other than Molly himself.

Johnson began his speech by thanking his family and the media industry, before Molly made his way onto the stage and gave some handy presenting tips.

Molly’s rambling speech took in everything from ‘tits’ on The Secret Life Of Us to how the Molly mini-series came together, before he gave Johnson a gold Akubra to go along with his Gold Logie.

“I know it’s very hard to play an old drama queen like myself, and you did a great job, right,” Meldrum told Johnson.

“So on behalf of the drama queen of Australia, I would like to crown you also with my gold hat.”

Johnson won this year’s Gold Logie for playing Molly in a mini-series about his life, beating out The Project co-host Waleed Aly, Family Feud host Grant Denyer, Doctor Doctor star Rodger Corser and Love Child actress Jessica Marais.

Watch Johnson (and Molly’s) full acceptance speech, below.

Feature Image: Channel 9