Burglar Breaks Into Preschool, Eats Snacks Before Taking A Nap

Photo: YouTube

This dude really wanted to live the life of a toddler.

Sometimes you decide to rob a gas station in a shark onesie, and sometimes you decide to break into a preschool just because. Actually, the latter isn’t very common, but a man in New Orleans decided to do it.

Security cameras inside Clara’s Little Lambs Preschool in Algiers recorded a burglar entering the school through an unlocked window at 11 p.m. Thankfully there were no kids inside when this occurred.

Let’s check out the burglar breaking in thanks to the video below.

Burglar Breaks Into Preschool, Eats Snacks Before Taking A Nap

According to New Orleans police, the man, after breaking in, helped himself to some snacks in the break room before creating a makeshift bed from stuff animals in order to take a nap.

Here’s what the police department had to say:

“The suspect was then seen on surveillance video at about 6:43 a.m. exiting the location through the same window through which he gained entry, carrying two bags of stolen property and fleeing in an unknown direction.

Well, at least he was well rested.

This dude hasn’t been caught yet.

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