Farm Kid Loses It When Surprised With Cubs Tickets

While you grow into adulthood and you — well, most of us — understand that pro athletes are just ‘people’ like the rest of us, there is still something about your childhood heroes you never get over.

I hope that made sense … It will after you watch the video below.

Kolt Kyler is the boy in the video below, a farm kid from Pierceton, Indiana. His heroes? The Cubs.

Watch his heart explode after his dad surprises him with a pair of tickets to Wrigley Field, rewarding him for his hard work in the classroom and on the farm. It’s basically the best video you’ll watch all day.

I had the same reaction around the same age when I got tickets to see Christina Aguilera.

But of course the fun didn’t stop there for Kolt. The Cubs players saw the tweet and have started reaching out.

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Dammit, how can Cardinals fans root against the Cubs when they’re all good dudes.

Josh Helmuth is the editor of Crave Sports.