Exclusive Preview | ‘Elektra’ # 3

Since her debut in the Marvel Universe, Elektra has been many things. Assassin, murderer, criminal, and even a dark heroine. Now, Elektra is lying low and trying to make a change in her life. Towards that end, she’s adopted a costume suspiciously similar to the one that her live-action counterpart is wearing on the Daredevil TV series and taken up residence in Las Vegas.

Unfortunately for her, Elektra is never far from trouble even when she’s just trying to keep her head down. After befriending a woman named Lauren and defending her from her abusive boyfriend, Elektra found herself in conflict with the criminal overlords of Las Vegas. Along the way, she discovered that the villain known as Arcade has been kidnapping minor celebrities and forcing them to endure his twisted Murderworld. And now, Elektra has been forced to participate in the latest Murderworld trials for the sake of her own life!

In CraveOnline’s exclusive preview for Elektra # 3, the title character finds herself stuck with a largely ineffectual group of wannabes and a failed reality TV star as a group of assassins descend upon them.

Elektra 3 page 1Elektra 3 page 2Elektra 3 page 3Elektra 3 page 4Elektra 3 coverElektra 3 variant cover

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This issue was written by Matt Owens, with Juan Cabal as the artist, as well as Antonio Fabela and Jordan Boyd on colors. It also features a cover by Elizabeth Torque and a variant cover by Mike Deodato. Here’s the official description from Marvel.

“BEATING LAS VEGAS! While ELEKTRA has tried to lie low, she’s managed to capture the attention of the up-and-coming kingpin, ARCADE…and now he’s captured her! However, ELEKTRA hasn’t forgotten her past as an assassin, or any of the skills she’s learned. Will it be enough to defeat ARCADE and escape his clutches? Or will she play right into his hand?”

Elektra # 3 will be released on Wednesday, April 26 in comic book stores everywhere.

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Photo Credits: All images provided by Marvel Comics.