New Super Group | Kid Rock, Ted Nugent, Sarah Palin Meet with President Trump

Photo: Chris Polk (Getty Images)

Red, white and blue-blooded rockers Kid Rock and Ted Nugent joined President Trump for dinner at the White House last night along with former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. 

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In a Facebook post Thursday morning, Palin thanked Trump for the invitation and shared photos of herself, Nugent, and Kid Rock around the desk in the Oval Office. There’s also a bonus, made-for-meme pic with Palin and Jared Kushner! Want more proof? There’s more below. 

If one could only be a fly-shaped CIA listening device on that wall. This is no publicity stunt, at least not for the “American Baddass” singer, who has literally worn his heart on his sleeve for the 45th President by selling Pro-Trump T-shirts on his artist website (HERE).