This Clueless Truck Driver Dragged A Car On The Highway And Wouldn’t Stop

Photo: Facebook

I mean, WTF?!

Seriously, though, WTF?

As drivers, we sometimes tend to not pay close enough attention to what is going on around our vehicles. It’s a bad habit, and no one is really going to admit to it, but it’s a reality that likely all of you share.

Sometimes, however, drivers are so bad that one wonders how the fuck they ever got licensed to operate a motor vehicle in the first place. Was their driving instructor drunk? Did they hold the entire DMV hostage until they gave them a driver’s license? Those questions and more now hover over this truck driver.

As you can see in this Facebook post by a man named Brian Steimke, a semi-truck dragged a car for quite a ways before being told by other motorists that he was DRAGGING A FUCKING CAR ON THE HIGHWAY. Unreal stuff.

This Clueless Truck Driver Dragged A Car On the Freeway And Wouldn’t Stop

One more time, WTF?

The footage even goes as far to show the driver of the dragged car pulling down his window and waving at the truck driver to get his attention, and then telling the cameraman “He’s not stopping.”

Maybe check your mirrors next time, truck driver? Or maybe just save us all the agony and never drive on the road again? I’m thinking you should go with the latter.

h/y NY Post

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