Dude Gets Into Car Accident, Girlfriend And Side Chick Show Up At Hospital

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So something tells me this dude would have preferred walking into the light instead of having to deal with all of this chaos.

So sometimes you get caught with your side chick at an NBA game, and sometimes you get caught when your partner and your side chick team up to bust you. But sometimes, on super rare occasions, you are confronted by your girlfriend and your side chick at the hospital after you’ve suffered through a car accident. And that’s exactly what the guy in this video went through.

The video below takes place at a hospital in Tampa, Florida and involves some dude’s girlfriend rushing to the hospital to comfort him during this tough time. Oh, and his side chick rushed to the hospital as well. Let’s see what went down.

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Look at this dude’s face, though.

hospital side chick

Photo: Instagram

I’m pretty sure this situation has him close to death.

Well, if he was messing around with two gals at the same time, I guess you can call this karma. And if the car accident didn’t kill him, having to deal with this situation once he leaves the hospital surely will.

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