Bungee Jump Accident Sends Woman Flying Face-First Into Cliff

Photo: YouTube

As much fun as Will Smith seemed to have when he turned into Uncle Phil while bungee jumping, the girl in this video, named Laura, can’t really say the same because her bungee jumping experience ended horribly.

This freak accident occurred in Madrid, Spain, and features Laura about to jump off a cliff in what she expects to be a thrilling drop. Well, things don’t go as planned as the rope gets tangled, sending Laura face-first into the cliff.

Let’s take a look at what Laura looked like before the incident.

Bungee Jump Accident Sends Woman Flying Face-First Into Cliff

Photo: YouTube

Photo: YouTube

And now let’s take a look at what causes her face to look like this:

bungee jump1

Photo: YouTube

Yep, it was that brutal. Check out the video below.

Well, I don’t think that was quite the “thrills” that Laura was looking for, but at least she got some internet fame out of it. And a set of new front teeth. What? Just trying to look at the positive side of things.

h/t Daily Mail

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