Super Confident ‘Jeopardy!’ Contestant Gives Incorrect Answer, The Internet Loses It

Photo: Twitter

When I grow up I want to have as much confidence as Kevin McGinty.

Just like this dude was confident enough to “flip-off” Alex TrebekJeopardy! contestant Kevin McGinty was confident enough to give Trebek his answer to a question, even though it was completely wrong. The clue from Trebek was simple: “A hired assassin.” And McGinty buzzes in, ponders his answer for a moment, and with a lot of confidence says this:

That’s right, “hot gun!” And it wasn’t even that the answer was incorrect, it was just everything about McGinty that made the internet lose their mind, as they couldn’t stop laughing.

Here are just some of the reactions to McGinty’s little viral moment.

McGinty will always be a winner in our hearts.


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