Couple Having Super Loud Sex Interrupts Tennis Match In Florida

Photo: YouTube

Well it certainly sounds like at least some folks are very, very happy to be in Florida.

I don’t think any sane person would be talking about a tennis match between a dude named Frances Tiafoe and another dude named Mitchell Krueger if it wasn’t for something hilarious and completely ridiculous occurring. Well, lucky for everyone, something hilarious and completely ridiculous did occur. And it’s on video, too.

The match, which occurred at the Sarasota Open, was briefly interrupted when out of nowhere the sounds of two people going at it is heard by everyone at the stadium. And boy, was it a riot. Even the play-by-play commentator Mike Cation had to comment on it.

“I don’t know how to put this, folks,” Cation says. “But somebody’s phone is going off…in the stands…and it was an adult video.”

Well, it wasn’t an adult video. It was the real thing. Check out the hilarious video below, as the sounds begin at the 15 second mark, and again at the 1:50 mark.

Couple Having Super Loud Sex Interrupts Tennis Match In Florida

“I can still hear it. It’s still going,” Cation adds. Yep, everyone heard it.

Here’s what Tiafoe had to say on Twitter:

And Cation finally realized that it was not in fact an “adult video,” as he commented on his Twitter.

Oh, and even after all that, Tiafoe won the match. But who cares, because the real winner of the night was that couple. Kudos, folks. Kudos.

h/t DeadSpin

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