Dog Throws A Tantrum Like A Child When It’s Time To Go Home

Photo: YouTube

As a parent you may sometimes take your little ones to a fun place like the park. Sun’s out, there are other little ones running around — all good times.

Every so often, when it’s time to leave such a fun place so you can go back to doing grown-up things, you’re met with some sort of resistance. Terrible and embarrassing tantrums fill the air with screams, cries and flailing limbs, all while your precious little one is lying on the ground as you try to take control of an uncontrollable situation.

What I’m describing sounds like having children (and believe me, it’s accurate). But the following video shows that not only kids can act like little brats. Oh no, dogs can very much be lovable pains in the ass, too.

Meet Dakota, a Siberian husky that was taken to the park by its owners for a day of fun. When it was time to go home, however, the dog throws a tantrum that frustrated his owners and made us all say “awwwwww, how cute.”

Dog Throws A Tantrum Like A Child When It’s Time To Go Home 

As you can see, Dakota wasn’t having it. Let’s be honest, though — we all have that same look when we’re at a place we enjoy and someone is telling us it’s time to go home. Reminds me of last call.

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