Dude In Submission Hold Refuses To Tap, Immediately Regrets It (Graphic)

Photo: YouTube

Hey, if you had the stomach to watch Larry the Cable Guy break some dude’s arm during an arm wrestling match, and you were totally fine watching this dude’s eye pop out during a basketball game, then perhaps you’ll be strong enough to watch this brutal and quite graphic video.

Now I don’t know where the clip below occurred, but I do know that it shows two dudes grappling on the mat, with one guy in orange shorts locking the other guy in what looks like a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu hold. It’s pretty obvious that the guy on the receiving end of the submission hold isn’t going anywhere, and his only option is to tap. Well guess what? He doesn’t tap for some reason, and the other dude has no other choice but to break his arm.

Check it out below, but be warned that this is not for the faint of heart. Hell, I could barely watch it, as the sound alone made me dizzy. It’s graphic, so check it out below thanks to the FloGrappling Instagram.

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Barf. It’s pretty clear the ref saw that coming, and it’s also clear that the dude instantly regrets not tapping. You can also tell that the dude in the orange shorts looks annoyed that he had to take it that far, but hey, the dude didn’t tap.

Perhaps he should have gone the Bloodsport route.

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