Barton G. LA Debuts Freaky, Fun Menu

Above: Dolla Dolla Bills Y’all. 

They call it the “culinary arts” for a reason. Barton G. LA interprets that term with a modern, in-your-face aesthetic, turning ordinary food into edible theater. The West Hollywood restaurant just debuted its outrageous new menu that includes upscale interpretations of classic favorites served in massive portions. From a 14-ounce Kobe sausage with black truffles to a 12-ounce Wagyu brisket meatball to a rubber ducky-themed coconut angel cake, Barton G.’s is dishing up a feast for the eyes and big appetites.

Barton G.’s cocktails are equally innovative; its Below Zero Nitro Bar is now serving the cleverly named concoction Below The Belt For Two (bourbon or gin with apple cider, organic honey nectar, fresh citrus, rosemary, thyme, and orange zest with applewood smoke) as well as new presentations of its signature liquid nitrogen cocktails Buddhalicious and Diamonds Are Forever.

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“We love experimenting and re-imagining familiar dishes to take them one step further and surprise guests not only on presentation, but by using different ways of cooking to showcase quality seasonal ingredients,” says concept designer, restaurateur, author, and culinary savant Barton G. Weiss. “We’re introducing a new menu to spotlight American favorites in never before seen ways while still showcasing flavor for a well-rounded, yet out-of-the-box dining experience.”

Take a sneak peek of the new menu offerings here, but beware: your eyes may be bigger than your stomach!

Photos: Barton G.