Dr Karl Is Getting His Own TV Show About Viral Science Videos

Triple j science guy and man with boundless knowledge, Dr Karl Kruszelnicki, is getting his own television series on the Discover Channel, called Dr Karl’s Outrageous Acts of Science.

Launching in June, the 10-part series will use viral videos of amateur experiments, inventions and stunts from around the world to look into a bunch of scientific principles.

Dr Karl and a “team of experts and pop culture pundits” will supposedly come together to discuss the videos, and make all our brains explode in the process.

“Science is not a bunch of facts – that’s an encyclopaedia,” Dr Karl says.

“Science is a way (or a method, or process, or path) to try to understand the universe around us. And our home ‘scientists’ really try some outrageous stuff.”

This isn’t Dr Karl’s first foray into TV. He presented the first series of Quantum back in 1985, before it was replaced by Catalyst, and in the noughties he co-hosted the series Sleek Geeks with mathematician and comedian Adam Spencer.

Watch his ‘Great Moments In Science’ lecture, below.