The Best 5 Canadian Foods

Mmmmm, so many incredible foods, all invented and produced right here on home soil. So what are the best 5 Canadian foods? We think they’re the items listed below… and we don’t think many Canadians would dispute our choices…


A classic Quebec late-night nosh (or hangover food, or lunch, or dinner)… For those who have been living under a rock, poutine is French fries smothered in cheese curds (or “squeaky cheese,” as locals like to call it) and gravy. There are tons of variations of this comfort food, from Italian poutine to poutine topped with any combination of food, veg and sauce. Any way you look at it, the classic one is the best one.

Nanaimo Bars

Dear BC, Thank you for this sickly sweet dessert that is seriously irresistible! It’s a wafer crumb-based layer topped by a layer of custard flavoured butter icing, which is then covered with melted chocolate. Decadent and hailing from the city of which it is named (Nanaimo, British Columbia), it is popular across Canada and beyond.


How do we stay warm in winter? We eat Beavertails and build up our insulation! Beavertails are flat pieces of fried dough that are traditionally covered in cinnamon and sugar, but today there are sweet and savoury versions (right now they have a blueberry cheesecake one that is insanely good!). Look for Beavertail stands in your favourite Canadian cities.

Ketchup chips

We’ve spotted Canadians selling these for as much as $20 a bag on eBay because people across the globe are clamoring to get their hands on a bag. Because it’s true: you can’t eat just one.

Maple syrup

Likely our most well-known export, maple syrup has been an important industry in Canada for centuries. Seventy-five percent of the world’s maple syrup comes from Quebec.

Photo: Lays