5 Canadian Inventions You Didn’t Know Were Canadian

Yep, we Canadians are pretty smart and clever (but you already knew that), however, did you also know that we’re the minds behind some of the world’s most innovative inventions? Read on for 5 Canadian inventions you didn’t know were Canadian, and then impress your friends with your newfound knowledge of Canuck innovations.


While the name was first trademarked in the 1950s south of the border, the brand was developed up here. One of the world’s most popular undergarments, women got perkier (and, let’s face it, so did the men) thanks to this Canadian-thought-up brassiere.

Electric wheelchair

The wheelchair was revolutionized when it became electric, and that’s thanks to inventor George Klein, who was working for the National Research Council of Canada to help injured veterans in the years following World War II.

Electric oven

Credit for the invention of the electric oven goes to Ottawa native Thomas Ahearn, a Canadian inventor and businessman who help numerous patents throughout his life. He was also the founder of the Ottawa Electric Railway Company.


10-4 – Walkie-Talkies are thanks to us! They were created by two Canadian inventors, as well as a team at Motorola, during World War II. They completely revolutionized mobile communication.


Plexiglas, or acrylic glass, was made practical in 1931 by Canadian William Chalmers’ invention for creating methyl methacrylate while he was a student at McGill University. A hugely popular material today, it’s easy to handle and the costs are low.

Photo: Wonderbra