Woman Goes Absolutely Bonkers Over Couple’s ‘PDA’ At Salad Bar

Photo: LiveLeak

Holy hell, get this woman a hobby.

For some reason, the woman below in the red hoodie, the disheveled hair and a look of utter misery on her face lost all the marbles she had left when she spotted a couple involved in some “PDA” at a salad bar in Santa Monica, CA. And we have PDA in quotes because according to the boyfriend of the couple, this is actually what was going on according to the post shared on Reddit.

Last night my girlfriend of four years and I were waiting patiently for a lady to order her food at this restaurant in Santa Monica, and I had my arms around her from behind and maybe kissed her on the top of the head once or twice, but that was the extent of it.

Out of nowhere, the lady (who was finalizing her transaction) looks at us and exclaims emphatically how inappropriate PDA was and how uncomfortable it was making her. I thought she was joking because of how little we were actually making contact. I turned and kissed my girlfriend on the cheek and made a loud smack, and that’s where she really lost it. I immediately knew I had to get this on camera, so that’s about where the video picks up.

We tried to stay as calm as possible. I was trying not to engage as I knew this lady was clearly nuts, but when she started calling my girlfriend a slut, whore, etc, and when she stepped closer to her, that’s when I started getting angry. In retrospect, I’m proud that we didn’t sink to her level or anything like that, but wish I would’ve said some more clever remarks. Oh also, I fucked up by not filming in portrait mode – Sorry about that.

And the rest was caught on video. Check out this freakout for the ages below thanks to LiveLeak, and it’s NSFW because of language. Enjoy!

Either this lady is out of her mind, or she truly hates love.

And of course this crazy lady had to drop a racist remark — a remark that got everyone to groan at the same time. Simply perfect. And these folks agreed.

Photo: Reddit

Screengrab: Reddit

Someone tell this lady that this freakout would have been OK if she spotted this couple having sex while ordering food. But regardless, she’s clearly insane.


That chick going crazy in the video? Her name is Anna Storelli. Oh, and she’s a nude cam model.

No words.

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