Dude Calls Texas A&M’s Bullpen Phone From His Living Room And Gets A Pitcher To Warm Up

Photo: Twitter

And it might be time to change that number.

According to the McAlester News-Capital, a former Eastern Oklahoma State College baseball player who had the phone number for the bullpen at Texas A&M’s Blue Bell Park got a head start on April Fool’s Day last week when he posted a video to his Twitter page of him and his pals making a call from their living room to the pen during a game between A&M and Stephen F. Austin State University two years ago.

Dude Calls Texas A&M’s Bullpen Phone From His Living Room And Gets A Pitcher To Warm Up

While the game and prank call took place on February 17, 2015, Zach Torres waited until Friday night of this year – more than two years later – to post the video because he didn’t want to get anybody involved in trouble.

You see, kids, odds are you were doing pretty much anything else while the two schools were playing baseball that night, but Torres and his pals Jace Pitchford and Troy Meadows decided to watch it on TV, call the bullpen phone using the number Torres got while playing a summer league game there a year earlier and now they’re all internet legends because of it.

The guys made the call to the pen with the bases loaded and two outs in the third inning, and they told whoever answered to “get Minter up and running around.” Sadly for their prank, A&M pitcher A.J. Minter was in the dugout instead of the bullpen, so when they hung up the phone, they thought they had blown it.

But that’s when the magic happened:

Torres said his phone has been freezing up every time he tries to jump on Twitter because more than 106,000 people have liked it and more than 54,000 of them have retweeted it. But you have to think with all of the publicity the clip has received on outlets from ESPN to Bleacher Report, it has to be so worth it.

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