Shoutout To This Softball Player Who Shoved A Rival Coach After He Was An A-Hole

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And this may be one of the few times we ever talk about softball.

Not all coaches and players get along, and that’s why we’ve seen bizarre incidents like the time a South African soccer player was fired after farting on a coach. Or the time that douchebag of a Russian soccer coach kicked one of his players. But now it’s time to talk about Haley Fagan and Tim Walton.

Fagan, a University of Auburn softball player, didn’t take too kindly to being poked on her shoulder by Florida coach, Walton after the game was already over and both teams were lined up to high five each other. And what did Fagan do? She quickly shoved him back, before they face each other and exchange words.

Let’s first take a look at the incident below.

But there’s more to the story: these two just don’t like each other, and it may stem from the fact that according to SI, Fagan’s two older sisters, Kasey and Sami, played for Walton at Florida before being kicked off the team just hours before an NCAA tournament game in 2012. While there were rumors that they were kicked off for “racism or bullying,” their father, Kevin actually said it was because of an “altercation on the team.”

Now Coach Walton says he was just trying to give Fagan a high five but her hand wasn’t up.

Regardless of the case, it’s pretty damn great seeing Fagan shove Walton. And it’s also pretty damn great we are talking about softball since we probably won’t again in the near future.

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