Pissed Off McDonald’s Customer Tries To Jump Through Drive-Thru Window To Start Fight

Photo: LiveLeak

I guess he wasn’t lovin’ it.

Hey, if you’re looking for some weed you might want to head on over to this Burger King drive-thru in New Hampshire, but if you’re looking for a fight this McDonald’s drive-thru in Baltimore is where it’s at. Well, at least according to this CCTV video.

The video below, shared on LiveLeak, shows the moment a pissed off customer with an awesome mustache tries to make his way into a McDonald’s through the drive-thru window. Now the video does not have sound, but I’m going to assume he said no pickles and ketchup on his hamburger and that’s exactly what they gave him. Those bastards.

Check out the crazy footage below of a customer and the McDonald’s employee with some solid jabs go at it.

I’m sticking with my “no pickles, no ketchup” reason behind this fight, but of course there might be other reasons as to why this guy lost his mind and decided to take it out on some employees at McDonald’s.

Perhaps he discovered all this McDonald’s food was shortening his lifespan. Or maybe he just really wanted some Monopoly pieces. Who knows? All I know is that this guy might just head on over to Wendy’s instead.

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