Drunk Eeyore And Guitar Guy Deliver A Vegas Street Fight For The Ages

Photo: YouTube

They say that what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Of course, that isn’t the case when somebody records whatever it is you’re doing.

What do we have for you from the wacky streets of Sin City this time around? You guessed it: A musician living out his dream of being a Las Vegas street performer tussling with one bad motherfucker dressed in an Eeyore costume because, well, it’s Vegas.

Now according to the young lady at the beginning of the clip, who seems to be crazier than the fact that Corey Feldman is touring the country as a singer, Eeyore took advantage of her when she was too shithoused one night and “her dude was fucking working.” Eeyore says Shaggy and the rest of the gang from Mystery Incorporated lured him into getting naked so they could steal all of his shit.

So with that, let’s take a peek at how the two “gentlemen” resolved the situation:

“Call 911. No, you call 911.” Let’s be honest: If you’re the dude lying on the concrete and staring into the bright white light, that’s not the kind of human response you’re hoping for in your time of need, especially when you’re outside a classy joint like Aria. That was more of a Golden Nugget response.

Well, what happened in Vegas this time around is going to be staying Vegas. Unfortunately for the guitar player, it looks as though it’s going to be him in a hospital bed. Here’s to hoping he passes concussion protocol sometime later this week and can get back to performing Goo Goo Dolls covers with a new guitar by the weekend.

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