Richard Hammond Speaks Out After Motorbike Crash on ‘The Grand Tour’

Richard Hammond has spoken out after reports that he suffered a motorbike crash while filming The Grand Tour.

Hammond, who in 2006 suffered life-threatening injuries following a crash while filming an episode of Top Gear, took to his blog to discuss the incident in a post titled ‘I’ve Checked And I’m Not Dead’. He wrote: “It’s true, I did fall off a motorbike whilst filming recently for The Grand Tour in Mozambique.”

He continued: “I banged my head, yes, along with pretty much everything else apart from my left thumb, which remains un-bruised.”

“Can’t tell you more yet about the how and why of it; that’s all for later in the year on the show. As for injuries; well put it this way, I don’t think I can get a book out of it.”

The 47-year-old was left in a coma for two weeks after his crash in ’06, with him later revealing that he had suffered depression, paranoia and memory loss as a result of the brain damage he inflicted following the accident. According to The Grand Tour co-host Jeremy Clarkson, Hammond didn’t require medical attention following his later fall, saying: “We don’t do hospitals.”

The Grand Tour rapped up a successful first season earlier this year, with season 2 expected to be released at some point in the Autumn. It is believed that footage of Hammond’s crash will appear in an episode of the show, in which he, Clarkson and James May travel to southern Africa.+

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