Cosmo Kramer’s Guide to Living Life on Your Own Terms

Photo: via Nerd Infinite

So much of life is an endless battle of making ends meet while trying to live it on your own terms. If there’s one thing Seinfeld gave us, it’s the wonderfully hilarious opportunity to create Cosmo Kramer’s Guide to Living on Your Own Terms. It goes right in line with George Costanza’s Guide to Getting and Keeping a Job and Larry David’s Guide to Being a Decent, Sensible Human Being. Struggle no longer, my friends, to find the balance in your life. When in doubt, just be a little more like the Cos-Man.

Cosmo Kramer’s Guide to Living Life on Your Own Terms

Always make an entrance that lights up the room.


 Once you’re in, own the room.

Multi-tasking includes inspiring others along the way.


Fashion yourself a bit of a Renaissance man. Know no limits to your talents.


Be all about the business when it counts. And eat healthy in between.


Remain calm in the darkest hour. The light is right up ahead.


Stay stealth even in your most exposed states. No one will notice your flaws.


Don’t wait for the “sausage” to come to you. Be the sausage.


No matter how busy, always remain a reliable friend, no questions asked.

Dress appropriately for every occasion. You never know where the day may take you.


Don’t be shy about speaking your mind. People appreciate honesty.


Prioritize, prioritize, prioritize.


Remember the importance of a timely joke used sparingly.


Remain childlike, despite your age.


Don’t be afraid to get after it. Giddy up!

Giddy Up

Blow a few minds along the way, even your own.


And leave it all on a good note. So long, folks!


If any of this seems a bit overwhelming, confusing or non-relatable, refer to the entire nine seasons of Seinfeld, now streaming on Hulu. We leave you with a gorgeous montage of classic Kramer entrances. Now go off and live life on your own terms, Cosmo-style.

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