Hit Movies That Quietly Became a Trilogy Hiding Under Your Nose

Photo: Columbia Pictures

Have you ever found yourself browsing around a movie store and caught your eye on the fact that one of your favorite hit movies quietly became a trilogy? Of course not, movie stores don’t exist. But whether a B-movie prequel, direct-to-video sequel or a loosely themed trilogy by your favorite director, there are plenty of trilogies hiding under your nose you may not be aware of.

With childhood favorites like Home Alone and Beethoven that were milked until the teets were sucked dry by the mouth of Hollywood with countless installments, as well as hit directors like Quentin Tarantino and the Coen Brothers dropping recurring themes in our laps, we’re finding a boatload of trilogies that have been hiding out. You thought Cruel Intentions was just one movie, didn’t you? Well, you’d be dead wrong.

Follow along our pretty little slideshow and see all the hit movies that quietly became trilogies, though they may have no made any money, they did Hollywood’s bidding in an attempt to spoil a good memory, while others were cleverly hidden by unrelated titles that stream together beautifully.  Now, read!

Hit Movies That Quietly Became a Trilogy Hiding Under Your Nose

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