Idiot Films Himself Burning His House Down After His Wife Cheats On Him

Another day, another idiot.

Getting cheated on is awful, but if it’s ever happened to you you should probably let karma handle your cheating partner and don’t take matters in your own hand. Because when you’re super pissed off at your partner you might end up shooting your partner in the penis, or other crazy and brutal things, too. Or, like this clueless bloke below, you might end up burning your house down. And filming it.

The bizarre video below kicks off with some dude trying desperately to promote his shitty music with something he calls “one hell of a sales pitch.” And out of nowhere he begins to vent to us all, mentioning that he’s going through a divorce. Well what does one do in that situation beside act like an adult? Well, if you’re Artist Juan Artist on YouTube you set the house on fire. And then you film yourself doing it, and then you upload it. Brilliant.

Check out the crazy footage below.

Now some people are calling bull on this video and believe this is just an abandoned house. Well regardless he still committing arson, and this idiot is probably going to be facing some charges soon.

Holy hell, man, if you’re upset just vent on Facebook and share some memes that throw some shade on her like normal folks do. This dude is clearly not all well in the head, so let’s hope he doesn’t go off and burn down more houses.

h/t Barstool Sports

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