The Worst Disguises In Cinematic History (That Actually Worked)

Photo: DreamWorks Pictures

The great thing about movie disguises is that you don’t have to take them all too seriously. When Tom Cruise gets blown away in Mission: Impossible II and it’s revealed that the unlucky SOB who just got riddled with bullets was actually just wearing a rubber mask that happened to look and movie exactly like Tom, we can let that slide. It’s an action movie where that kind of “technology” exists, after all. Hell, we can even give Mrs. Doubtfire a pass because at least the mask Robin Williams wore in the film was carefully hand-crafted and took some time to administer.

Sometimes, however, costumes are just lazy, and wouldn’t fool anyone no matter how silly the premise of a movie already is. In fact, we’re throwing these disguises (which inexplicabley managed to fool everyone) in movie jail and throwing away the key. At which point, if the disguises can then be used to escape, we’ll give them the pass that — at least at this point — we don’t think they deserve.

The Worst Disguises In Cinematic History

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Oh, and obviously we didn’t include an actual write-up for Amanda Bynes in She’s The Man, but we figured that header photo was enough convincing.