Heartless WIAA Official Refuses To Let Girl Hug Her Brother After Winning State Title

Photo: Twitter

Geez, what’s next? Canceling Christmas?

The girls from Appleton North High School defeated their De Pere counterparts 49-34 to capture their first ever Division 1 state title Saturday afternoon, but it was a young boy who was left dejected and defeated after an official with the Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association refused to let him hug his victorious sister, something that happened after every game this season.

Watch as deplorable WIAA Associate Director Deb Hauser steps in to prevent young Syd from congratulating his sister Jaylen with an adorable hug:

Perhaps nobody said it better than Brad Koenig:

The WIAA acknowledged the video and issued a response that pretty much defended their actions and is so repulsive that we refuse to give it any credence by posting it here.

Basically, it’s just another example of the shitdickery high school athletes and their families have become accustomed to in the state of Wisconsin, as these WIAA officials are the same people who banned phrases like “Fun-da-men-tals,” “Season’s over,” “There’s a net there,” “We can’t hear you” and “Score-board” because they…wait for it…hurt the feelings of players and other fans.

Let’s be honest: Next to Wisconsinites doing their part to see a Trump White House come to fruition, this is next in line as the most embarrassing and ridiculous thing to come out of the Badger State this decade.

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