‘Robot Wars’ Sore Loser Storms Off After Being Beaten By Kids

Footage of a particularly sore loser on Robot Wars has gone viral, with him storming off set after being beaten by a team of children.

Team Behemoth, a group of four adults, faced off against Team Cherub, a group consisting almost entirely of children, in Sunday’s episode of Robot Wars. However, Team Behemoth captain Ant was left infuriated after his teammates decided to change Behemoth’s weapon to a claw rather than its standard flipper, a decision that ultimately cost them the match.

The match went to a deadlock, with presenter Angela Scanlon tasked with announcing the judge’s decision and who would progress to the next round. Despite Behemoth being the most aggressive robot in the bout, Cherub was announced as the winner, a decision which left Ant furious.

After the announcement was made, Ant handed over Behemoth’s controller to a teammate and stormed off screen, leaving Scanlon confused as to his whereabouts. In a post-match interview, Ant explained that he was frustrated by his team’s decision to replace Behemoth’s primary weapon with a claw, which was an unproven addition to the robot in a critical match. He said: “The reason I walked out there was because I was so annoyed at the team for making that decision not to go with a guaranteed win.”

Despite Ant’s complaints regarding his team’s decision being justified, the image of a grown man storming off after being bested by a group of kids humoured many online, with the footage quickly circulating on Twitter.

Watch below:

Image Credit: BBC