How to Fix the Nintendo Switch’s Left Joy-Con Problem

The Nintendo Switch has a very significant hardware problem, with multiple owners of the new console reporting connectivity issues with its left Joy-Con controller. Fortunately, a new DIY fix has now been revealed that helps improve its connection to the Switch console, and enables users to continue playing without being forced to seek out a replacement.

The issue with the left Joy-Con seems to stem from its Bluetooth antenna being wired directly onto its circuit board, with it not containing the extra IR sensor and NFC chip that can be found in the right Joy-Con. The problems appear to arise as a result of this antenna being placed directly next to a metal casing, which interrupts its signal, along with it being positioned next to an area typically covered by the user’s hand. It’s a baffling design flaw that should have been ironed out during the Switch’s testing period, but this is the hand early Switch owners have been dealt, so unless there’s a mass recall from Nintendo (unlikely) users are best off taking the issue into their own hands.

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It’s unclear exactly why this issue affects some Switch owners and not others, but the fact remains that many are struggling with it, so tech experts have been busy figuring out a solution. YouTuber Spawn Wave is one such expert, with him providing a tutorial on how to use a piece of copper wire in order to help nullify the Joy-Con’s connection problems. The DIY fix saw Spawn Wave run the wire along the opposite side of the Joy-Con’s motherboard, drawing power away from the metal casing and where users typically hold the controller.


According to Spawn Wave, the introduction of this wire not only rectifies the left Joy-Con’s previous connection issues, but it actually makes it more responsive than the right Joy-Con, with it able to sustain its connection even when standing 40 feet away from the Switch. While those without the technological know-how will want to seek a replacement for the Joy-Con rather than cracking it open and voiding their refund, for those who know how to solder a wire to a motherboard this fix will surely come in handy when you get tired of connection problems while playing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It should be noted that Spawn Wave insists that his viewers “DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME,” but if you’re handy with a solder then what’s the worst that could happen?*

Watch the video below:

*You could wind up having to fork out $49.99 for a new Joy-Con.