Woman Busts Boyfriend Cheating On Her With Kim Kardashian Lookalike

Photo: YouTube

I know these “To Catch A Cheater” videos on YouTube are massively popular, but it’s hard for me to get into them when the host looks like a complete douche. There, I said it. Although, I’m sure it’s tough for people to talk to me when I look like a complete douche as well. So I guess I get it.

There are plenty of cheaters out there, and more often than not they are caught. Sometimes they are caught thanks to the Burger King Instagram, and sometimes they are caught thanks to Snapchat. And sometimes they are reeled in by some hot exotic dancer that looks like Kim Kardashian, and encouraged to cheat. OK, that never happens, but for some reason the dude below thought it was legit.

The video below features the boyfriend, who is a computer programmer and somehow has a hot girlfriend, and the ‘bait,’ who claims to be an exotic dancer.  The computer programmer shows up to the bait’s house to fix her computer. Things progress, and that’s when this dude messes his pants, probably.

Oh, and his girlfriend was secretly watching the whole thing. See what unfolds below.

Well that escalated quickly. This dude’s girlfriend was pretty pissed, but I’m more pissed at the fact that this dude who hasn’t seen the sun in decades is getting this much action.

As much drama as occurs here, the absolute best part is when the host turns to the girlfriend and says:

“You consider that cheating?”



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