Remember When This Guy Got Run Over By A Truck And Survived?

Talk about being lucky.

Some folks have all the luck – just ask this pair who came inches away from being completely slammed by a car at a gas station. Or look as this dumb girl who decided to charge at a moving truck, and yet still didn’t sustain any injuries. My point being is that some folks are made out of pure luck, and we can add this guy to the list.

Now this video is quite old, as it’s from 2014, but it’s making the rounds again, and that’s mainly because it shows a guy get run over by a truck, and walk away like that didn’t just happened. The footage was caught during what seemed like rush hour in China.

Take a look at the crazy footage below thanks to LiveLeak.

Remember When This Guy Got Run Over By A Truck And Survived?

How in the hell did that dude survive that?

Authorities blamed the truck driver for failing to notice the cyclist had turn right, and for not stopping of course. Although, didn’t that dude on the bike notice a truck coming right at him? Thankfully, everyone’s dumb decision in this video wasn’t a fatal decision, and now this cyclist can tell his grandkids of the day he was almost murdered by a truck.

That will be one nice bedtime story.

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