Kids Crash A BBC Interview And It’s Absolutely Hilarious

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It was just a few days ago where we told you awesome folks about some random kid who decided to crash a weather report and talk about farts. Well the kids in the video below decided to top him because they actually crashed a very serious BBC interview.

Robert Kelly was giving a BBC news interview via Skype and discussing the recent impeachment of the South Korean president. All was well and serious until one of Kelly’s kids comes dancing in. Kelly’s attempts to push her out of view fail, and in comes the second kid.

Check out the bizarre, and hilarious clip below.

Kids Crash A BBC Interview And It’s Absolutely Hilarious 

Holy hell, what the hell just went down? It’s hard not to feel bad for those kids who are dragged out of the room when all they wanted to do was to bug their father. Well, at least they’ve now gone viral, and those kids can one day look back at this video and see how they made this boring interview into a very, very entertaining one.

h/t The Hook Mag

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