New Armored Yoga Pants Give Asses Everywhere Medieval Protection

New startup Lorica Clothing has debuted a brand new pair of yoga pants, inspired by medieval armor to give wearers that old-school level of protection while they’re practicing their downward dog pose.

Lorica Clothing, named after the Latin word for body armor, has just announced its Armored Leggings range on crowdfunding site Kickstarter. Inspired by “history and fantasy,” the leggings are the brain child of Washington graphic designer and self-described “medieval history nerd” Elena Hutchinson, who has raised $6,000 of the project’s $10,000 goal so far.

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There are three designs for the leggings, each based upon armor designs from centuries past. There’s the Henry VIII leggings, inspired by the notorious English king’s field armor, the Scudamore leggings, inspired by the field armor of Sir James Scudamore that is currently displayed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, and the Augsburg leggings, which are based upon the style of plate armor popular in the 15th century Roman Empire.

You can read the historical background behind each design below:


The Armored Leggings, made in the USA and created using recycled plastic bottles, are designed with “function, fashion, fighting and flying” in mind, and are available in sizes XS through XXL. They are available for $59 to backers, but will eventually go to retail for $68.

Check out the video showing them in action below:

Image Credit: Lorica Clothing / Metropolitan Museum of Art