Watch This Youth Basketball Coach Block His Own Player’s Shot

Photo: Twitter

Hey, the sooner you learn that life is an absolute bitch the better.

We’re not sure where this clip comes from, but odds are you’re going to be thinking one of these three things after watching it:

1) That coach might be the biggest fucking asshole I have ever seen, and I’ve seen a coach pull down his own kid’s pants and spank him at half-court.

2) That coach deserves the closest thing youth basketball coaching has to the Medal of Honor, as he put everything he had on the line – including his own dignity – to teach that poor kid that there is nothing more embarrassing in a game of basketball than throwing the ball up into your own basket. Well, short of literally shitting yourself at the free-throw line, of course.

3) I have got to see that shit again.

Check it out:

In a related story, screw that ref for blowing the whistle on the coach for teaching his kid a valuable lesson. I mean, you have the audacity to call that after missing a blatant double dribble that was immediately followed up by an obvious traveling violation? Open your eyes, buddy.

h/t For The Win

This is considered coaching in Russia: A-Hole Russian Soccer Coach Kicks Kid