We DARE You to Watch These Ten Extreme Movies!

The new Belgian/French horror film Raw, set for a limited release on the 10th of March, is arriving amidst a hail of accolades/accusations that it may be one of the gorier and more disturbing films in many years. How disturbing it is may depend on your mileage with “rough” cinematic material. If you’ve never seen a film that somewhat explicitly depicts acts of extreme cannibalism, then Raw will likely leave your stomach churning. If, however, you’re an old pro who had hunkered down with any one of the infamous Italian cannibal films from the ’70s and ’80s, then Raw may seem like a mere bantamweight.

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There is a certain class of people – should your cinematic explorations lead this daringly far afield – who have made it a personal goal to find the grossest, goriest, most extreme movies that have been committed to celluloid. And many of these extreme movies, the brave seekers have discovered, are so unbelievably scary, gross, or bloody, that they seem to exist only as a means to fulfill dares. “You think that was sick? Try one of THESE!”

As it turns out, we here at Crave are pretty adventurous when it comes to our cosumption of sick, weird horror movies, and we have, at the ready, a list of ten of the most vile, disturbing, extreme horror films out there. Gird your loins and plow ahead. If you dare…

Can You Withstand These 10 Extreme Films?

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