Wendy’s Twitter Page Is Savage

Photo: Lester Cohen (Getty).

There is something endearing about a corporation that isn’t afraid to have some fun…especially with internet trolls. To many companies, Twitter is a tool — like a screwdriver — it’s not much fun and more than likely you needed the other kind with the flathead. Others, however, use Twitter like a nail gun. They aren’t afraid to pin down things that probably could have been ignored. For instance, Denny’s has a great Twitter account that puts out some creative content that promotes their brand. But when it comes to calling people out on their crap, it’s Wendy’s that takes the cake…err, burger.

Wendy’s Twitter Page Is Savage

Funny story, I’m from Shawnee, Oklahoma: the birthplace of Sonic Drive-Thru’s.

Lot’s of people come at Wendy’s with McDonald’s talk. Frankly, if I ran Wendy’s Twitter account, I’d be sick of that, too.

Nice. Do you, Wendy’s.

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Watch out, this kitten has claws!

Sometimes you take a shot at love and love shoots back.

Get out of my dreams and into my car, Wendy’s.

That’s cold, Wendy’s. But never frozen. Speaking of never frozen, I present to you Wendy’s magnum opus:

Guys, don’t come at Wendy’s with your weak sauce. Maybe it’s just me, but I think more companies should adopt this approach.

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