Guy Waiting in Line For a Month to Get the Switch “Doesn’t Care” That Another Dude Beat Him To It

CaptainNintendoDude planned to wait in line for an entire month to be the very first customer to buy a Nintendo Switch from the company’s New York store, with him being nearly only two weeks away from achieving his goal. Unfortunately his plan has been scuppered this week, after it was revealed that a retailer had accidentally sent out a Nintendo Switch to one of its customers, ensuring that CaptainNintendoDude wouldn’t be the first guy to get his hands on the console.

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NeoGAF user hiphoptherobot revealed that an unnamed retailer had sent the Switch to him before its launch date, with him sharing an unboxing video with FloKO as evidence. The video can be viewed below:

hiphoptherobot being sent the Switch ahead of its launch therefore means that CaptainNintendoDude is no longer going to be the first customer to purchase the Switch, despite him having camped outside the New York Nintendo Store a month ahead of the console’s release date.

Despite this fatal blow to his plan, CaptainNintendoDude has insisted that he’s totally fine with this series of events, saying that he only cares about “being 1st at Nintendo NY & getting it from Reggie [Fils-Aime, the Nintendo of America president).”

Though CaptainNintendoDude insists that he’s unmoved by someone else getting their hands on the Nintendo Switch before him, it’s difficult to really believe that a guy who has spent two weeks sitting outside a Nintendo Store wouldn’t be a little perturbed by this situation. Nonetheless, he will continue to post his daily vlogs from his position outside the New York Nintendo Store, as he awaits his opportunity to become the second person to own the Switch in the US.

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