Top 10 Canadian Expressions Only We Understand

We’ve developed our own vernacular over the years, and today, there are a number of expressions that are distinctly Canadian. Here are the top 10 Canadian expressions that only we understand.

Roll Up The Rim. This could mean many things to many people, but to Canadians, it means the chance of winning more Timmy’s or, better yet, cash prizes (maybe even a car!).

Order me a double-double. A standard coffee order from a true Canadian (two cream, two sugar… please!).

Pay with a toonie. Nope, not a cartoon – it’s our two-dollar coin. You can get a toonie from two loonies too!

Take a rest on the chesterfield. Maybe your grandparents are the only ones who still use this expression, but that doesn’t mean it’s not universally understood. Sit on the chesterfield (the couch), but never put your feet on it.

Pick up a 2-4 before the game. OK, this one most people would figure out, but it’s rare we bring a case of beer to the big game. We bring our 2-4 of Bleue, eh?

Just throw it in the garburator. This is our Canadian version of “garbage disposal.”

From A to zed. Yes, our last letter is ZED, not “Z.”

Put on your toque – it’s cold out there! Toque, pronounced “tooo-que,” is a warm woolen hat, usually with a little pompom on top. But we Canadians knew that!

Can I have a glass of homo? Milk, people. It means homogenized milk (whole milk). Stop snickering.

I’m thirsty, so hand me a pop. Our version of “soda.”

Photo: Tim Hortons