So These Girls Just Go Around Pulling Each Other’s Pants Down For Some Reason

Photo: Facebook/Eighty83Three

There have been plenty of trends involving hot girls quite recently — let’s not forget that time that a bunch of college girls were “Yeti Butting” by just sitting on a Yeti cooler and showcasing their butt. How innovating, huh? And then there was that “Glitter Nipples” craze which is exactly what it sounds like. And now we have these Australian pranksters who are just going around pulling each other’s pants down in public, because sometimes that is all it takes to go viral these days.

A group of Aussie gals have gone viral after sharing a video on their social media pages that pretty much focused on them going around and pranking each other, but it’s the pulling pants down part that people of course have really focused on.

Two of these gals, Jade and Bella, have really taken things overboard from pulling pants down, to pouring drinks on each other, to more “pranks” that aren’t funny, and more just one girl being an a-hole to another girl. But hey, it’s the internet.

Take a look at these pranksters pulling each other’s pants down, and other nonsense in the video below thanks to their Facebook.

How are these gals still friends? And now has one not murdered the other?

Of course this video has been viewed over five millions times on Facebook, and that’s mainly because these Aussie gals are attractive of course. Also, these are the same gals who went viral for their “pussy slap” video. Yep, you read that right.

Our society is hanging on.

And if you’re interested, here are some more photos of these pranksters thanks to their Instagram.

A photo posted by eighty83three (@eighty83threeofficial) on

A photo posted by eighty83three (@eighty83threeofficial) on

A photo posted by eighty83three (@eighty83threeofficial) on


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