‘The Walk Of Life Project’ Injects A Much Needed Dose Of Dire Straits Into Your Favorite Movie Endings

Fresh takes on classic films — especially of the comedic variety — don’t come around nearly as often as they should. Most recently, we were treated to a version of Home Alone riddled with realistic blood, and before that, some of your favorite flicks were cut short as soon as the title of said movie was uttered. Again, these conceptual gems only come around once or twice a year.

Therefore, we’re pleased to cover what could easily be the next much needed dose of movie parody silliness in the form of “The WOL Project.” The concept is insanely simple, yet equally — if not exponentially — hilarious. Basically, the intro to Dire Straits’ 1985 hit song “Walk of Life” is the perfect song to end a movie on. Any movie, as you’ll soon realize after watching a few choice selections from the website.

‘Walk Of Life Project’ Injects A Dose Of Dire Straits Into Your Favorite Movie Endings

Brilliant, right? And believe us when we say the fun doesn’t stop there. Thus far, 52 movies have been given the WOL treatment, and seems to get funnier with each passing clip you watch (well, except Halloween; dark endings don’t seem to work quite as well as happy ones). It’s hard to stop once you get going, but eventually realize you need to get back to work.

OK, one more for the road:

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