California Cop Caught Threatening To ‘Create’ Charges And Throw Man In Jail

Ladies and gentlemen, your a-hole of the day.

Now there are tons of cops who are actually great at their job and do it well and respectfully, but then there are complete a-holes who take advantage of their power, or are just complete idiots. Take for example the dumb cop who allowed a criminal to wriggle free from him and steal his police cruiser. And then there was the two police cadets that were caught having sex on training day. But those two cases are nothing compared to the scumbag in this story.

The incident began when 34-year-old Duncan Hicks entered a Victorville precinct to file a child custody report. But after Hicks wasn’t satisfied with the response from the receptionist, a useless police officer stepped in to pretty much threaten to throw Hicks in jail. When Hicks asks “for what,” this cop simply responds with “I’ll create something, you understand.”

Thankfully Hicks caught it all on tape. Take a look at the disturbing footage below.

California Cop Caught Threatening To ‘Create’ Charges And Throw Man In Jail

Here is the most messed up part of it all:

“Duncan, you know what man, I’m about getting tired of you and you’re about to go to jail,”

“For what?”

“I’ll create something, you understand? You’ll go to jail, you understand that?”

“You can’t say that. How you gonna create something? That’s against the law.”

“That’s illegal [filming in police station] without my knowledge. You want to go to jail for that, too?”

What a complete tool. Here’s the entire video of the incident.

The sheriff’s office says they are investigating the incident. The proof is in the video: this cop is an a-hole and he’s useless, so give him the boot.

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