PS4 Pro Frame Rate “Boost Mode” Reportedly Included in PS4 Update

A “Boost Mode” for the PS4 Pro is reportedly set to make its way to the console as part of the upcoming PS4 4.50 firmware update, a leaked screenshot has revealed.

The screenshot is allegedly taken from the PS4 Pro’s Japanese settings page, with NeoGAF user OhMyGod writing that Boost Mode will provide “higher frame rate for old game which dont have Pro patch [sic]”. If true, this means that PS4 Pro owners will be able to play games at a higher or more stable frame rate even if they were released before the launch of the console.

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It’s uncertain how this feature will work and how many games will be able to take advantage of it, with Sony yet to make an official statement. The likelihood is that it will only be applicable for games with unlocked frame rates, though no further details have been made available.


The firmware update will also bring with it external HDD support for up to 8 TB, custom wallpapers, quick menu refresh and a simplified notification list. PlayStation VR owners will also be pleased to hear that there will also be support for 3D Blu-rays, meaning the headset can be used to watch movies in stereoscopic 3D.